Wednesday, March 21, 2012

He is good..

So it turns out his little "I nee new shoes" trick works for other stuff, and he knows it. I was in the toothpaste aisle. He asked for a new toothbrush, but I bought a 5 pack last week for him so I said no. He started crying saying his teef would fall out because he no brush teef!!

Yes, he got a toothbrush, but only because there was someone else in the aisle giving me the evil eye.

Monday, March 12, 2012

can I soak him in bleach?

ugh. So, bryce was playing in the sink earlier. He said he was giving his "guys" (toys) a bath. didn't think anything of it, the sink was running, he brought soap out so I could dispense it. All kinda normal. He came out with a towel drying the guys, and shirtless. He informed me it was in bathroom and soaked. Again, no biggie. I just went in bathroom. The floor is soaked, the stool is by toilet, and the thing that scares me the worst- the plunger is soaked and by sink. Do I wake him up to bath him now or hope the soap I dispensed was enough to fix whatever he did and that is was dispensed after his plunger play time??

New shoes again?

It has been a few weeks without a cry for shoes. It has been nice. It ended today. While walking through the store it starts. "i need shoes." no you don't. "my feet hurt" no they don't. I NEED shoes!! Dees no fit!!" Yes they do. they are new. Normally, this keeps going until I am so embarrassed by looks I am getting by people concerned about my poor baby's feet. Luckily, the store was almost empty, the one woman behind me was laughing, so I new it was safe. HA! I won this battle.

Then I had to explain why I wasn't buying his imaginary friend a toy as well as him. Same lady- completely ROFL. Then she came up and said, "good luck"