Sunday, February 5, 2012

The kid is good. Ugh,

We walked into Target today, Jason Wu line was out! But, while I am figuring out what I can justify, Bryce throws himself on the floor. Why? Because he wants shoes. He starts saying, "ouch, they hurt, my feet hurt! Shoes hurt! Need new shoes!" (I bought these shoes a week ago and he has worn them with no complaint ever since) So, we go to the shoes and pick out some more. I mean, what else could I do. I was already getting the disapproving evil eye from other shoppers. Then he refused to walk, and I refused to carry him. He is 40+ pounds- yes, barely 3 years old. So I put him in the cart. As soon as he got the shoes, he smiles and says, " tank you mommy. Do u love me?" Seriously? I must or I would have left your a*s barefoot while I kept shopping! For the record- this is not the first time he has pulled the "my shoes hurt" trick to get a new pair. But really? You can't not get a new pair, the entire store can hear him, and you can't claim money problems when you are buying yourself guest designer shirts you must have, need or not.

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